See-through Display ( demo video )


This prototype showcases the possibilities of using such a display


Color Mixing Problem

In natural world colors mix to create new color. most often than not when two color mixes they create a new color or a slightly different color from the both intended original color. This phenomenon is a known and existing problem a see-through digital display.

 say for instance the real world background color for a see through display is  yellow and the content displayed on the display is blue. The end user wont be seeing information on the screen in blue color rather it would appear to the user as a shade of green.This happen due to the fact both physical wold yellow and digital world blue mixes to form a green shade, this green is what we call as perceived color.

Research Focus

Our research is from human computer interaction perspective not from an engineering. We try to study a new device or new methods of solving problem with the focus on making it useful to human end user.

So every problem we try to solve will have a end user perspective to it, like what postures will be natural to use, or how the device functionalities can be more natural for people to understand. We also try to solve the problems which can arise when humans start interacting with a new device. Our device in this case happens to be a see-through digital display. So our plan is to study various perceptual issues which arise on using a see-though display which has the physical world as its display’s background. Our idea is to explore this feature of the device  and the problems which arises on using such a device.

I will try and elaborate the problem and some basic concepts on how the problem arises in the next post .


transparent displays

There might be many questions going throgh in your mind on reading the title of the blog, like:

What is this blog going to be about??

So what is a transparent device?

I would try and answer few of them in this first post, This blog is extension of our research being done on transparent devices In University of Manitoba in Canada. We would try and get as much of details out through this medium, so that the research we do is properly documented to the outside world. This blog would be written in such a way that ever one , even the people who are not in academics can understand a bit about our research and learn quite a few interesting facts while doing so.

Let me start of by saying what a see through device is , According to us it would be a large transparent digital display device through which virtual world is brought a bit closer to the real wold.

Like this one:  Image

This device and this blog are hopefully a first post of many cool stuff which are about to be brought to life by our research.

keep looking at this blog for further updates on what our research is going to be about.

Signing of for today,Sri.